Balls Above All: Facials in the Finals

Posted: 12/03/2011 in Balls Above All
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What’s the filthiest facial ever thrown down in an NBA Finals game? Here’s my fave 5:

Shawn “Reign Man” Kemp ON Dennis “Rainbow Head” Rodman: Add a Streak of Brown (1996)

Julius “Dr. J” Erving OVER Michael “Hung One on Mr.” Cooper: Rock Da Baby 2 Sleep (1983)

Richard “Great Gazoo” Jefferson OVER Kevin “Whatchootalkinbout” Willis: Fright Night (2003)

Shaquille “Kazaam” O’Neal OVER Dikembe “All in Dzee House Of” Mutombo: Totally Mounted (2001)

Robert “Mr. Clutch” Horry ON Richard “Rip” Hamilton: You’ve Been Unmasked (2005)



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